Kazuma, how about you come with me today for a change?

August 26th
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tram and cherryblossom 060419 (by tsuda)

August 26th
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me: I’ll never cry again, I’ll never cry again, I’ll never cry again.

me after 10 minutes : *crying* 

August 26th
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Kinako (18) and Miho (19) on the street in Harajuku with pastel hair, resale and vintage fashion, 6%DOKIDOKI, Nile Perch, Milklim, ribbons, bows, hearts, and seashells. Full Looks

August 26th
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Beyoncé performing at the 2014 VMAs

August 26th
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And I come back to you now… at the turn of the tide.

August 26th
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August 26th
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Standing On the Sun
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August 26th
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August 26th
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❝ How do we forgive ourselves for all of the things we did not become? ❞

—   "14 Lines from Love Letters or Suicide Notes" by David ‘Doc’ Luben (via wine-loving-vagabond)  
August 26th
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