Make me choose Anonymous asked Pocahontas or Esmeralda

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Make damn sure what you’re waiting for, is worth the fucking wait.

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"Well, the first thing I wanted to be was a carpenter. Then I wanted to be a painter and then a singer. It was when I first saw Lawrence of Arabia that I wanted to be an actor.”

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"guess since im a white man im not allowed to have opinions"

your opinions have shaped the world we live in today not being catered to for 83.9 seconds will not fuckin kill you

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When people in movies run directly away from the train / boulder / truck / etc instead of just like, taking two steps to the side of it

OH NO A GIGANTIC TREE FALLING OVER *runs away directly along its length*

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“I find suggestion a hell of a lot more provocative than explicit detail. You didn’t see Clark [Gable] and Vivien [Leigh] rolling around in bed in Gone With The Wind, but you saw that shit eating grin on her face the next morning and you knew damned well she’d gotten properly laid.” ― Joan Crawford

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Resin stacking rings by daimblond

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